10 ways Scotland influenced the USA!

10 ways Scotland influenced the United States of America – An infographic with some great facts about how Scotland and her people helped to shape the United States…

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Drumnacoub – A Bloody Battle in the Far North

Battle of Drumnacoub (between 1427 and 1433) This battle was an internal feud among the men of Clan MacKay but also involved some Sutherland men. A disastrous battle, it led to the loss of many senior members of the clan and most of the belligerents on both sides. The origins of the battle begin with […]

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Watching Scotland: A peek at the Scottish Green Party

In the last Watching Scotland blog we took a look at the Scottish Conservative Party, or (from an American point of view) the somewhat unfortunately nicknamed “Tories”. From a right of centre perspective we now swing over and investigate what is going on over on the left with Scotland’s fourth largest political party (out of […]

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A Legend of MacFie

MacFie of Colonsay was a strong and skilful hunter. He had Seven tall sons who were all skilled at sailing. One day while he was returning from Colonsay,  a thick mist rolled in from the sea, making him lose his way. He came across a small grey house which he took shelter in until dawn. He […]

Chief of Guthrie Dies from Coronavirus

Alexander Ivan Bedini Guthrie of Guthrie, 22nd of That Ilk 1967-2020 Chief of Clan Guthrie has sadly died after losing his battle with Coronavirus. Mr Guthrie had been suffering with coronavirus in self-isolation after repeated failures to admit him to hospital. His death comes as a massive loss to his family and friends and also […]

5 Myths About Clan Crests

There are a number of misconceptions around the subject of clan crests that we see popping up all the time – this short article will gather together the most common of these and hopefully put them to rest. 1 – I Have a Family Crest We see this almost on a daily basis on our […]